Magnetic AutoControl Product Manuals and Specification Sheets

Below you will find manuals and brochures for Magnetic AutoControl gate openers, parts and accessories.

Magnetic Access 24V Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access 24V Brochure

Magnetic Access Pro-H Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access Pro-H Brochure

Magnetic Access L Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access L Brochure

Magnetic Access XL Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access XL Brochure Magnetic Access XL Manual

Magnetic Access XXL Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access XXL Brochure Magnetic Access XXL Manual

Magnetic Access XL2 Barrier Opener

Magnetic Access XL2 Manual

Magnetic Parking Barrier Opener

Magnetic Parking Brochure

Magnetic Toll Barrier Opener

Magnetic Toll Brochure Magnetic Toll HiSpeed Manual

Magnetic Traffic Barrier Opener

Magnetic Traffic H1 Brochure

Magnetic MBE Barrier Opener

Magnetic MBE 35 Manual Magnetic MBE 50 Manual

Magnetic MHTM™ Barrier Opener

MHTM™ MicroDrive Barrier Manual

Magnetic MIB Barrier Opener

Magnetic MIB 10 Manual Magnetic MIB 20 Manual Magnetic MIB 30 Manual Magnetic MIB 40 Manual

Magnetic MTS Barrier Opener

Magnetic MTS 6 Manual Magnetic MTS 8 Manual

Magnetic AutoControl General Documents

Magnetic AutoControl Warranty Standard Colors Brochure

Loop Detectors

MID1E-800 Manual MID2E-800 Manual

Controller Modules

CAN Counting Module Brochure DM02 Loop Detector Module Brochure EM01 Ethernet Module Brochure GSM Gate Controller Brochure Radio Control Module Brochure RS-485 Module Brochure SM01 Service Module Brochure

Booms and Boom Accessories

Articulated Boom Brochure Boom Lighting Brochure Boom Locking Set Brochure GS01 Boom Skirt Brochure Boom Skirt w/ Over-Climb Protection Brochure Break-Away Flange Brochure LED Illumination Strips Brochure Pendulum Support / Support Post Brochure VarioBoom Extension Set Brochure

Traffic Lights

Traffic Signal Heads Brochure Two-Way Traffic Light Control Brochure

Barrier Accessories

Battery Backup Brochure Control Column Terminal Brochure Desk Panel Brochure VEK CN1 Digital Counter Manual ZKE01 RFID Access Control Brochure

Pedestrian Gates

Magnetic MPH 112 Manual Magnetic MPR 112 Manual Magnetic MPS 122 Manual Magnetic MPT 33 Manual Magnetic MPW 112 Brochure
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