Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Replace A Barrier Arm?

When replacing a barrier arm, check the flange and drive shaft for damage before installing a new barrier arm. To replace the boom arm, take all necessary bolts off the arm connecting it to the flange. Take the new boom arm and place the steel sleeve through the boreholes of the arm. It is recommended to unscrew the rear lid when doing so. Once done, use the new hardware to secure the barrier boom arm onto the flange. Check the Specific Product Manual for details and diagrams.

What Types Of Power Supplies Do Magnetic Barrier Arms Require?

Magnetic barrier arms can operate on 85 - 364 V AC or solar, depending on the model. The solar-capable models require 34V/13ah to operate. The panel wattage needs to be 75 W. If choosing solar power to supply a magnetic barrier arm, it is recommended to have roughly 4 hours of daily peak sunlight for optimal performance.

Can I Add LED Light Strips To My Existing Barrier Arm?

Yes, you can. Adding an led light strip to an existing barrier arm is a popular add-on. Be sure to get the correct length for your boom arm. The light strip can be installed underneath the boom's foam edge protection. Lights greatly enhance the visibility of the barrier, even in poor weather conditions.

Can I Connect A Loop Detector Module To My Barrier Arm Device?

Of course, you can. Every Magnetic Autocontrol barrier opener has a loop detector built in. You can always add another loop detector for added security and safety. Loop detectors prevent the boom arm from closing on a vehicle. Adding a second loop detector allows it to monitor shadow loops. To install a loop detector, simply plug it into the specified location.

How Can I Make My Barrier Arm Automatic?

Adding a Magnetic Autocontrol radio receiver module will allow you to operate the barrier arm with the click of a button. You can program up to 100 different transmitters to work with this receiver. If using a barrier arm in a parking garage environment, pairing it with a terminal will also let the barrier arm automatically open and close.

Can I Add Protection To My Barrier Arm?

There are several options to add protection to your barrier arm. Adding a foam edge will prevent hard collisions between the barrier arm and passing vehicle underneath it. Another way to add protection to a barrier arm is adding a pendulum support. This helps dampen and support the barrier boom arm in a horizontal position.

How Strong Are The Springs/ How Long Do The Springs Last?

Springs can vary in strength depending on barrier arm length. They come in full and half strength, depending on the barrier model. Check the spring annually as part of preventative maintenance. The longevity of the spring depends on how often the barrier arm opens and closes.

How Can I Find Spare Parts For My Barrier Arm?

We've got a whole page on spare parts and the recommended quantity to have on hand. There is another page to find replacement parts. You can check the diagrams and see exactly what is needed and where it goes.

What Are The Common Uses For A Barrier Arm and Where Are They Typically Used?

Barrier arms are typically used in traffic scenarios where you need to control traffic flow. They allow safe and secure passage in and out of an area. They are most used in parking garages, toll roads, apartment complexes, and businesses.

What Kind Of Replacement Boom Barrier Arm Can My Opener Use?

The replacement boom barrier arm will depend on the model of the opener. For example, the parking barrier openers work with VarioBoom, while the access barrier openers work with MicroBoom arms. Check the manufacturer's details to see what length will be compatible with your opener.

What Is A Breakaway Shim? How Is A Breakaway Shim Used? How Can I Install A Breakaway Shim?

  • A breakaway shim or flange protects the barrier arm and opener from unauthorized passage.
  • It allows the boom arm to break off the opener in case of an incident. It can be re-attached without any impairment of function. There are upgrade kits and separate breakaway flanges to enable the barrier boom arm to break away after being hit by the vehicle.
  • To install, simply attach the flange to the barrier arm and the drive shaft of the opener.

Where Can I Find Manuals For Troubleshooting My Barrier Arm Opener?

We have a full catalog of published Product Manuals. This is regularly updated and has every manual for each model of barrier arm, opener, and accessory we offer. Contact one of our helpful sales representatives if you don't see your model there.

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