Custom Options For Barrier Arm Openers

While a barrier arm opener can be used for tolls, parking lots, car washes, and hospitals, accessories can be added to improve usability. Some custom options improve night visibility, while others increase security. Here are seven practical custom options that can be added to your barrier.

1. LED Lights

LED lights can be seen from far away and improve visibility for access roads. You can choose from either red or orange lights that remain static or flash when installed on barrier housing. With some LED lights, you can use the power supply of a current boom locking set or supply unit.

LED Lights for Magnetic AutoControl Boom

Magnetic LED Strip for Boom

You may like LED light strips if you prefer that the light strips go directly under the boom. These lights are installed under the boom’s foam edge protection and when the boom is opened, show a green light; when closed, these lights turn red. This option works best when buying a new boom as these lights are factory installed by Magnetic AutoControl.

Whichever option you choose, LED lights help your barrier arm opener become more seeable in nighttime weather.

2. Boom or Barrier Arm Skirts

To add some extra security to your barrier arm opener, a boom skirt acts as a gate under the boom and is a practical deterrent when other protection methods are required. Some barrier skirts include over-climb protection, which provides security for the top of a barrier arm. If you only need a gate under the barrier, a regular boom skirt will work, but if you need additional above-the-arm protection, a skirt with over-climb features is a better choice.

Skirt Extension for Barrier Gate

Magnetic AutoControl MicroDrive Boom Skirt for Support Post (20ft) Installed - GS01-20

3. Barrier Riser

No matter if a barrier opener will be used for a toll or parking lot, sometimes larger vehicles may need to access the gate. Installing a riser extension is one option for raising an existing barrier arm opener. The Magnetic AutoControl Barrier Risers SGMD-01-040 raises the boom height by 34.5 inches and matches the color of the white barrier housing.

4. Direct Advertisement Extension Sets

Another neat extension for an existing boom is adding a sign extension. This is a relatively less expensive way to place a logo on a boom or advertise a brand or company. Not only does this extension work for advertising, but it’s also a great way to increase awareness of where the barrier arm is located for passing traffic.

Extension Sign for Barrier Opener

Magnetic AutoControl VarioBoom Extension Set

5. Add a Photoeye

Another safety measure to add to a barrier opener is a photo eye. Photoeyes work by sending out an infrared beam that, when interrupted, stops or reverses the motion of the barrier opener. Specific photo eyes are created for barrier gate openers that can withstand outdoor use with integrated heating. Photoeyes can stop future accidents from happening.

6. Control Panel

One important extension is a control panel that lets employees working in reception or a porter’s lodge control a barrier or pedestrian gate.

These control panels have multiple buttons that can turn a unit on or off, function as a multi-stage switch, or be programmed for specific functions.

Control Panel for Barrier Opener

Magnetic AutoControl MicroDrive and FlowMotion Dual Control Panel

7. Pendulum Support

One other popular extension to add to a barrier opener is pendulum support. This hardware helps keep large booms from sagging down. When a pendulum support is added to a boom, the pendulum support closes against the boom when it is opened. This occurs so the pendulum support is not in the way when the boom lifts.

Pendulum Support

Magnetic AutoControl Pendulum Support

Other Additional Extensions

While this list of extensions is a good indicator of what is available for a barrier opener, there are many other extensions that can be used. Some other accessories include a red and green signal light, boom locking sets, and solar packages.

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