Barrier Gate Openers For Hospitals

Barrier Gate for Hospital Use

Barrier gates are a great way to monitor and regulate vehicle traffic securely. Installed at turnpikes, parking garages, and railroad crossings, these could also be installed at various locations around hospital property. Barrier gate operator systems offer advanced technology that provides critical security and access control management. You can even install and connect a loop to monitor activity. Learn about how barrier gates can improve patient and staff safety and regulate vehicle access.

Ambulance & Vehicle Access Control at Hospitals

Use barrier gates at emergency vehicle entryways and driveways to regulate who has access. Prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering roadways and parking spaces that are limited to specific personnel. Magnetic Gate Openers are high-speed, meaning when the opener authorizes a vehicle or is commanded to open the barrier arm or boom arm lifts quickly, minimizing the time a vehicle will be stopped at the gate.

Barrier gate systems can also be used to manage vehicle entry and exit of parking lots and parking garages. Installing a barrier gate in parking spaces allows you to authorize who and what vehicles are allowed in and out. These are commonly installed alongside security guard booths or ticketing machines to collect payment for parking. The barrier gate deters people from entering unauthorized spaces and often indicates when access is allowed, thanks to the featured light strips attached to the boom arm.

Types of Barrier Arms for Hospitals

Magnetic Gate Openers has a broad collection of Magnetic AutoControl parking and access barrier gate opener models offered in various boom arm lengths and unit colors. Discover the various types of barrier gate opener systems, their applications, and features below.

Parking Barrier Openers

Designed to regulate vehicle parking spaces, including parking lots and garages, these barrier gates have fewer boom arm length options but include the MGC Pro control unit, an integrated dual-channel loop detector, and a VarioBoom barrier arm. Depending on the application, you may consider an articulated boom arm, which folds as the arm lifts or opens. The articulated barrier arms are popular for parking garages with short ceilings.

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Access Barrier Openers

Access Barrier Openers can also be used for vehicle parking applications but are primarily used for driveway or roadway vehicle regulation. These barrier openers include an MGC control unit, an integrated dual-channel loop detector, and a MicroBoom barrier arm. Access barrier openers are offered in more lengths, but note that a longer length will result in a longer opener time. Some models can also be solar powered and like with the parking barrier opener options, you may consider an articulated arm for your barrier gate.

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Featured Barrier Arm Accessories & Add-Ons

You may also be interested in these barrier gate opener accessories and factory add-on products. These products are popular choices for access control and enhancing the functionality and visual appearance of your barrier arm. Explore these accessories, add-ons, and more below!

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If you have any further questions regarding the application of barrier arm gates or how to order factory add-on accessories, please reach out to our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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