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The Best Barrier Gates in the Industry

Toll barrier gates are the key to highways, expressways and turnpikes. Without a functioning barrier, vehicles can get piled up, causing a traffic nightmare. You may not notice the brand of these barriers when you are passing through, but chances are if you take the time to glance, you'll see a Magnetic AutoControl logo on the boom. We're here to tell you that there's a reason for this!

Magnetic AutoControl is the number one name in the barrier industry. Headquartered in Schopfheim, Germany, the company has planted roots in Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, China, India, and the United States. Magnetic AutoControl barrier systems are sold and utilized all over the world, in nearly 100 countries.


MHTM MicroDrive


The Magnetic AutoControl Difference

With long-term global experience and competence, we have had the time, resources, and manpower to design and develop the most advanced toll systems on earth. Our toll barriers, parts and accessories are among the best cost-performance pieces of equipment you can buy.

The MHTM MicroDrive in our barriers features the latest motor technology, is extremely flexible in terms of programming, and has been designed for low energy costs. Each barrier you purchase has an integrated 2-channel loop detector built in for vehicle safety.


Which model is right for my needs?

Toll, Toll Pro, or Toll HiSpeed? For the all-around toll barrier suited for most toll stations, choose a Magnetic Toll barrier. Magnetic Toll Pro barriers offer faster opening/closing times and are perfect for more frequented toll stations. Choose Magnetic Toll HiSpeed for extremely fast opening and closing speeds - with lightning fast speeds of 0.6 seconds! Each model is equipped with a controller, swing away flange, loop detector, barrier boom, and an aluminum housing in either white or orange.


Toll Barrier Speeds

If you want options, we have them. Want an extra loop detector, or need your barrier powder-coated in a special color? We offer numerous barrier and boom options that are factory-installed by Magnetic AutoControl during the manufacturing process of your operators.


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We specialize in the most advanced vehicle access control systems, including toll, access and parking. From parking garages, public buildings, museums, offices and airports, there is bound to be a Magnetic AuoControl gate opener wherever you are. Join the world in choosing the leading name in reliable toll barriers! Contact us at (888) 378-1059 or email to speak with a sales representative.