The MHTM MicroDrive Advantage

Why purchase the new MHTM™ MicroDrive magnetic parking barrier units by Magnetic AutoControl? Apart from the technology advancements, our barrier systems are going green. The new drive offers 75% less power consumption to comparable products and features a maintenance-free drive unit that offers 100% more torque. All MicroDrive barriers are equipped with boom edge protection to minimize the risk of injury to vehicles. Experience the smooth operation and secure feeling of a Magnetic gate for many years to come!

Check out these charts for a product comparison:

mhtm microdrive performance

  Access Access Pro Competitor A Competitor B
Performance (W) 17 30 186.5 430.5
Usage (kWh)  189 333  2072  4783 
Cost (USD)  64 114 705  1629 
CO2 (lb)  251  445  2765  6380


Operating a barrier continuously 24/365 for 5 years straight in Florida ($0.12 kWh):

Access Pro: Total 5 year utilities cost $157.68

Competitor A: MHTM saves you 84%

Competitor B: MHTM saves you 93%

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