Where to Use Barrier Arm Openers

MicroBoom Barrier Arm Access Gate

Most of the time, when you think of an access barrier arm, you may imagine a barrier stopping and then granting access to vehicles in parking lots or garages. However, access barrier controls can be used in other instances too. With various types and designs, access barrier arm openers are becoming more and more popular, not just for commercial use but also for residential use.

What Is An Access Barrier Arm Opener?

An access barrier arm is used to prevent cars from accessing the other side of the barrier without running through the protocols needed first. Depending on the brand and type of barrier arm, access can be granted manually with a guard station or automatically with a card reader.

This makes access barrier arm openers necessary in parking lots, garages, or any other place that requires a barrier for entry.

However, access barrier arm openers are only one type of barrier control. Barrier openers exist for tolls, parking lots, and traffic control.

Where Can A Barrier Opener Be Used?

Access Barriers Can Be Used For:

Port Facilities

Whether only allowing members from a marine club into a dock or blocking access to the public from a shipping port, access barrier arm openers work well near water and some can even be solar-powered.

The Magnetic Access 24V Barrier Gate Opener With MicroDrive - 10ft Boom (Orange) - Access-RE01000 can be solar powered with a solar package, making it convenient to operate a barrier arm in always-sunny locations.

Solar Package 24v

Government Builidings

With ample traffic, government buildings, including museums and historical sites, must use extra security measures in parking lots and employee-accessible locations. Using an access barrier gate opener helps stop unwanted traffic and monitors the number of cars going in and out of a facility.

The Magnetic Access Pro-L Barrier series from Magnetic AutoControl works in these situations and offers some essential safety features that auto open the gate when power fails.

Private Residencies

An access barrier control arm opener is a great addition to offer maximum protection to people staying in exclusive housing. Barrier control gives residents peace of mind while simplifying gate entry.


Now that air travel is increasing every year, having the correct barrier system in place is pertinent. Airports have multiple car parks, all requiring different access control barriers to manage traffic flow.

Toll Barrier Options:

Collecting a toll quickly when you add a barrier gate is more convenient than ever. Barrier gates help reduce congestion and improve the transportation experience for individuals paying tolls.

Since tolls usually require automatic and manual barrier gates for users who pay electronically or manually, having a mix of both is excellent.

Soft Toll Boom Access Control Barrier

Magnetic MicroBoom-AT Soft Boom

Magnetic Toll HiSpeed 2 Barrier Gate Opener With MicroDrive - 6ft Round Boom (White) - HiSpeed2-RA00640

Magnetic Toll HiSpeed 2 Barrier Gate Opener

Although access barrier openers are most known for sitting in parking lots, many other uses for barrier and gate hardware are sometimes forgotten. If you are looking for the best access control solution that exceeds your expectations, browse the latest access barrier options to see which one suits your needs.

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