Understanding How Boom Gates Work

Gate Opener Barrier Opener

Boom gates, sometimes known as barrier openers, mitigate vehicle traffic flow. They can be used in residential and shopping center parking areas, and you may notice them in toll booths. But, if you are still determining how they work, boom barrier gates use state-of-the-art optical sensors, otherwise known as motion detectors, to understand when a car is approaching. Some barrier gate openers have something called an “amperometric device.” This technology is used to halt the path of the barrier arm when it detects a vehicle is nearby.

Barrier Arm Gate Opener Advantages For Business

Suppose you have a business with lots of vehicle traffic. In that case, a barrier arm opener will help add exclusive safety and security features that will enhance your business and possibly save you some extra money. These barrier arm openers are exclusively for vehicles, and there are benefits you may have yet to think of.

Benefits Of Boom Barrier Gate Openers

Barrier gates are not only great for security personnel near parking lots, but they also can:

Save You Money On Labor Costs

If you have a barrier gate, you will no longer need to worry about paying for additional security near the parking lot and adding extra wages to the payroll. Instead, you will only need to pay once for a barrier gate, and that is it. It is the best way to save money.

Control Traffic Flow Without Manual Labor

A barrier boom gate is functional when controlling traffic in and out of premises. You can also use a barrier gate not set to move up or down to control where vehicles can enter. These can be seen sometimes on toll roads in restricted areas.

You Can Save Space In Your Parking Area

If you hire a security guard for your space, you may need a booth to monitor the collection of tickets or fares. This can take up unnecessary space and cause more difficulties when choosing a layout for your parking space. Since a boom barrier opener moves up and down, it saves space in the area. This is why barrier gate openers are convenient for smaller spaces.

Barrier Gate Openers Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

One of the benefits of barrier gate openers is that they can be used in hospital car parks, residential parking, garages, commercial areas, and so much more. They are a versatile barrier gate that can be used in many areas.

Boom Barrier Gates Take Little Time To Install

Barrier gates do not take much time to install, and best of all, adding accessories such as boom skirts, pendulums, and lights can add extra security to the operation of your barrier gate system.

Energy-Efficient Barrier Gate Operation

Along with the benefits listed above, barrier gates also offer low-voltage operation, so they do not cost much to operate each month. They will save you money instead of adding to your electricity bill.

Types Of Barrier Gates For Businesses

There are three main types of barrier gates that you can use for your commercial or residential spaces. Toll barrier openers are high-speed options for heavy-vehicle traffic. Parking barrier openers can be used in parking lots, including the VarioBoom arm, which can be replaced easily. Access barrier openers are helpful when mitigating vehicle traffic when entering and exiting a commercial area. Please choose from our wide selection today.