The Breakaway Arm Of A Magnetic Barrier Opener

Breakaway Arm Of Magnetic Barrier Opener

One of the advantages of having a Magnetic AutoControl barrier opener is that it has a breakaway arm. While you may believe that the entire breakaway arm must be replaced if a vehicle hits it, this is untrue. If you have a VarioBoom arm, you can replace either the grey section or smaller parts within the grey section without purchasing an entire arm. If you need clarification about what you may need to purchase, this guide will help you find the correct part.

The Magnetic AutoControl ASF01-Kit Grey Section With Small Parts

This short grey section includes the hardware set. This set includes the necessary parts to place your grey section on a gate opener. This grey section kit is only part of the entire grey section and should only be used when only a part of your grey section has broken away.

Magnetic AutoControl VarioBoom Grey Section Complete

If you need all parts of the grey section of your VarioBoom arm, you will then need the Magnetic AutoControl VarioBoom Grey Section Complete. This complete grey section goes between the barrier gate opener and the arm. If your grey section breaks off, this is the right part for your gate opener.

Replacement VarioBoom Arms For Your Gate Opener

Conversely, if you need the entire replacement arm in a severe incident, you can purchase the complete VarioBoom arm with the included grey section. These arms are available in articulating, with LED strips and various lengths. Articulating arms are ideal to save space when lifting your barrier arm.

Replacing The Breakaway Arm Of A Magnetic Gate Opener

The breakaway arm of a Magnetic Gate Opener breaks away when a car or other obstacle hits it. In this case, you can save money because instead of replacing the entire arm, you only need to replace the grey part in most cases. To learn more, view our arm and arm replacement parts selection.