Right or Left Handed Openings

This graphic depicts how to determine the difference between right-handed and left-handed gate openings.

Right or Left Handed Gate Openers

All new MicroDrive openers can be field changed in less than 10 minutes to fit either right or left, while older style models cannot be field changed and must be special ordered. Left-handed gate openers have the arm on the left side of the operator when facing the opener, as shown above. The vehicle direction should be approaching the gate opener with the opener in front of the barrier arm. This prevents damage if anyone were to drive through the barrier. Break-away flanges are used to protect both the opener and the barrier arm in case of a forced drive-through. The right-handed models should be the opposite of the left-handed ones. The opener should also be close to any vending or ticket machine. This allows the driver to pay or take a ticket and then drive through the opened traffic barrier.

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