Boom Barrier Arm Comparison

Magnetic Gate Openers offer many barrier openers for many different applications. Understanding the boom barrier arms that go with them can seem confusing, but that is why we break them down individually and look at some of their differences. This guide may help anyone needing a replacement barrier arm as well. Many of these arms are available in different configurations and add-ons. Articulating arms would be an excellent option to have for low-ceiling environments. At the same time, the designs with skirts may be a good choice if there is pedestrian traffic alongside vehicular traffic. If you have any questions about these boom barrier arms, do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable sales representatives.

Magnetic AutoControl VarioBoom Barrier Arms

Magnetic AutoControl MicroBoom Barrier Arms MicroBoom Barrier Arms

The MicroBoom is an excellent barrier boom arm that can accommodate up to 33 ft. (10 m) in width. This is a perfect solution for high-traffic areas that need wide entry/exit ways. The MicroBoom is compatible with a wide variety of openers like the Access Pro-H, Access XXL, and more. It is directly connected to the flange on the barrier housing. The matching models are usually taller compared to the VarioBoom models; however, this allows the option of adding a skirt. The skirt adds the extra security of climb-over prevention. The tallest option extends up to 6 ft. (1800 mm). Besides the climb-over prevention, it also prevents crawling underneath the barrier gate.

Key Features:

  • Width Up To 33 ft. (10 m)
  • Articulating Option
  • LED Light Strip Option
  • 6 ft. (1.8 m) Minimum Width
  • Multiple Skirt Options Available
  • Perfect For Wide Traffic Flow

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