Barrier Gate Openers For Universities And Colleges

Magnetic AutoControl Barrier Openers

Campus security is essential to any university or place of education. If you need help to secure your college parking lot, stadiums, or other open spaces with lots of vehicle traffic, you can use a barrier arm gate opener. Barrier gate openers are created to help mitigate vehicle traffic and can help you make sure only those with proper credentials can pass a security check.

Parking Barrier Openers For College Campuses

Parking barriers are beneficial on college campuses, especially if there is paid parking for students or others attempting to access facilities. The barrier openers from Magnetic AutoControl are created to withstand any weather and, best of all, have options for replacement arms. You can choose from barrier arms that include LED lights or are articulated for smaller spaces like parking garages.

These barrier openers come in many colors, including orange, grey, and white. Find the right opener and arm for your university today.

Fast Barrier Gate Openers

Parking barrier arms can move fast; in 1.3 seconds, your gate opener can open and close. So, if your parking lot at the university has lots of heavy traffic, it is easy to move rapidly. All parking barrier openers include an integrated 2-channel loop detector and can be configured easily with the LCD screen. Plus, all barrier gate openers include a 2-year warranty, so you can be confident that your barrier gate opener will work for many years.

Barrier Gate Openers That Work In Your Educational Institution

If you would like to learn more about our barrier gate openers or are looking for an exact barrier arm size, visit our barrier gate page. We have any length or color you may need for your university, and best of all, you will receive a quality barrier arm that works fast.

Barrier Gate Openers