Barrier Gate Openers for Low Clearance Parking Garages

Folding Articulated Boom Arm for Barrier Gates

Barrier gate openers are assembled and available with various feature options and choices. While you may care about the color of your barrier gate opener system, a more important factor in your decision should be the length of the barrier arm or boom arm. Not only do you want to ensure the barrier arm reaches across the entry or exit passage, but you will also need to ensure that it does not hit a low ceiling when it opens or lifts. The barrier arm opens fast, which means if it hits an obstruction, it may cause damage or be damaged. We have a solution if you would like to install a barrier gate in your parking garage but are concerned about how low the clearance may be.

At Magnetic Gate Openers, we offer a collection of barrier arm gate openers with a custom passage height folding articulated boom. We also offer folding articulated booms as replacement barrier arms. Purchase a folding articulated replacement barrier arm, remove the straight arm, and install the articulated arm to the barrier gate opener.

Low Clearance Folding Articulated Boom Arms for Barrier Gates

Order articulated booms for your low-clearance parking garage by customizing the passage height of an articulated boom for your barrier opener. Articulated booms are compatible with select barrier opener models, including Access Pro-L, MBE, MIB, Parking Pro, Toll, Toll HiSpeed, and Toll Pro. These models tend to be directly related to the maximum barrier arm length it can lift quickly and smoothly, so consider the barrier opener model you have and the custom articulated boom length you are purchasing.

If you have any further questions about folding articulated boom arms for barrier gate openers, please contact our friendly sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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