Barrier Gate Openers For Healthcare Facilities

All precautions must be taken in high-security areas to avoid trespassing by pedestrians or vehicles. Healthcare facilities, especially those with long-term patients, must have the latest technology to ensure that only those visiting or working at the facility gain access. Barrier gate openers are an optimal solution for entry and exit in these places.

What Options Are There for Barrier Gate Openers?

Barrier gate openers all offer different opening times and lengths of the boom. The boom is the arm that moves up and down to grant vehicle access. Most hospital parking lots have a barrier gate opener and a parking lot attendant house. The gate opener can be manually or automatically controlled. Most parking lot locations only require a barrier gate that opens in 0.9 seconds. Faster opening times are usually for toll booths where speed is an essential need.

What Color Options Can I Choose?

Hospital barrier gate openers can come in various colors, such as orange, light grey, and white. While most healthcare facilities want a fast barrier gate opener, aesthetics is another principal component. Top healthcare facilities pride themselves on using groundbreaking architecture to keep their brands in sync.

Top Barrier Options:

Magnetic Automation Corp is a trusted brand in the gate opener industry that started in Switzerland. Their parking pro barrier gate series comprises long-lasting barrier gates with an integrated dual-channel loop detector and MGC Pro Controller. These units offer a two-year warranty and will function for 10 million opening and closing cycles.

Choose A Secure Barrier

Healthcare facilities need lots of security in and around buildings. Barrier gate openers are a simple solution that will increase the safety of patients and employees.

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