Barrier Gate Openers for Car Washes

Have the peace of mind that traffic will flow through your car wash safely and securely by having a sturdy barrier gate system in place. Barrier gates are a great way to regulate how many cars can enter and exit a certain area. They are ideal for locations that are not constantly under surveillance.

Barrier Gate Openers For Car Washes

Spaces open to the public constantly or with odd hours, like parking garages, turnpikes, and carwashes benefit significantly from using these barrier gate systems. With outside assistance, the gate can allow safe passage to vehicles to the appropriate area they are going to.

High-Quality Toll Barrier Openers

We offer many toll barrier openers that can easily sync to your existing payment system. All our gate openers are made from durable, high-quality materials built to last and withstand even in the most severe weather conditions. Our units are also equipped with swing-away flanges that will prevent the arm of the barrier from being damaged if someone hits it.

For more details on protecting and monitoring your car wash, please contact one of our dedicated sales representatives, who would be happy to help at (888) 378-1059.

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