MRGB-C100PC Railway Pedestrian Gate Left Handed Opening

MRGB-C100PC Railway Pedestrian Gate Left Handed Opening
Part Number: MRGB-C100PC

$12,325.88 each


MRGB-C100PC Railway Pedestrian Gate Left Handed Opening


The MRG series Railway Gates are designed for the control of pedestrian traffic through level and foot crossings, where safety and high usage is of importance.


The design of the automatic pedestrian gate is highly vandal resistant, and all components are of robust construction. The Magnetic torque drive has a protective indexing clutch and shock absorbing springs built in to prevent internal damage in case the gate is forced against its motion during its operation. The torque motor can be stalled in any position without overheating or suffering any damage. Torque motors always product a certain degree of heat so that there is no risk of freezing or condensation - even in cold climate conditions.

The Gate

Gate, linkages, drive housings and posts are of robust construction to resist intentional damage by vandals.The gate hinges are designed for low maintenance with greased bushes and stainless steel pins. Couplings for the lever arms are self aligning and of low maintenance. The drive system is mounted on a detachable mounting plate for fast exchange if required.

Technical Data

  • Drive Unit - GTA 210-50
  • Power Consumption - 250W
  • Voltage Single Phase - 110V
  • Thermo Overload - 100C
  • Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Current - 2.6A
  • Opening - Left Handed
  • Protection - 551P
  • Torque Output - 100Nm
  • Rotation - 190° 
  • Duty Cycle - 50%
  • Opening Time - 6 Sec.
  • Output Torque - 100Nm
  • Gate Width - 1400mm
  • Gate Opening - 1280mm
  • Gate Height - 1200mm

Additional Information

Control Unit Integrated 2-channel loop detector
Manufacturer Magnetic Automation Corp.
Model MRG
Opening Left Hand
Speed 6.0 seconds