Magnetic Mounted Horizontal Laser Scanner - MLHH01

Magnetic Mounted Horizontal Laser Scanner for pedestrian access - MLHH01
Part Number: MLHH01

$2,797.97 each


Magnetic Mounted Horizontal Laser Scanner - MLHH01

The Magnetic mounted horizontal laser scanner allows for an increase in the range of applications for many Magnetic barriers. This laser scanner is extremely useful in situations where pedestrian access restriction is not desired, however some vehicular access restriction is warranted. It reliably detects vehicles and people, ensuring maximum civilian protection.


  • Effective protection for both people and vehicles.
  • Enables use of barriers with high impact forces in combination with pedestrian traffic.
  • Reliable replacement of induction loops for opening/safety.
  • Adjustable safety and opening fields.
  • Adjustable values for object-detection in the field of view.

Laser Scanner Specification Sheet

Product Type Laser Scanner
Manufacturer Magnetic Automation Corp.