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Magnetic AC Solar Power

You can now power your Access barrier opener with the sun! Magnetic AutoControl has introduced a brand new line of access barriers that is solar compatible. The Access 24V Barrier Opener is designed specifically for access solutions inside or around facilities that already have 24V power for machinery. It contains the same features and components found in the standard MicroDrive line, and makes a great addition to manufacturing facilities.

But this new sophisticated barrier arm isn't just able to run on your existing power - it is also solar compatible! Forget about using your own power; instead, use the free energy from the sun to open and close your barrier arm.

The BAT011-S solar package comes with everything you need to hook up and install your solar panel. It includes a 75 watt solar panel, a solar charger, and two 12Ah batteries.

Learn more about our new solar-compatible gate openers, or purchase the Magnetic AutoControl solar panel kit today! Have questions? Don't hesitate to email us at sales@magneticgateopeners.com or call toll-free at 800-878-7829 to speak with a friendly sales rep.


Magnetic AutoControl Solar Panel Installation